About Us

At Australian Construction, our focus is on delivering projects on budget, on time and above the expectation of our clients. We are a diverse construction company which specialises in National Commercial and Industrial services.

Australian Construction is a licensed builder within the industrial water tank industry, specialising in tank builds, modifications and maintenance. We have performed significant tank refurbishments, re-lines and roof replacements for Government Hospitals, Power Stations, Food Process Companies, Mines and more.


About Us

Australia’s Leading Industrial Panel Tank Company

Australian Construction is 100% Australian owned and operated with all components being designed and manufactured here while maintaining competitive pricing against tank importers.

We are the ONLY industrial tank company licensed to carry out any work in or on buildings according to the Building Codes of Australia as we are a licensed builder. This means your insurance liability and warranty will be compliant when your assets are installedor maintained by us, avoiding an otherwise likely insurance default.

We have also engineered and manufactured permanently mounted tripods to install in clients’ tanks which have a service agreement in place, is repaired or relined by us.

Why Choose Our Panel Tanks?

Our Advantages

Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) Specialist

Australian Construction has teamed up with scientists specialised in MIC to combat the water tank corrosion problem found in most high-density areas. Together, we structurally upgrade susceptible tanks to a standard approved by a leading Australian PhD in Corrosion. MIC generally occurs in Square Tanks and should be inspected if not already in the past year. We are the only company which is able to provide warranty in MIC rich environments in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Waterproof Specialist

Australian Construction has its’ own certified waterproofing specialist and utilises only proven products to provide solutions to all water damage problems.

When tank, dam, HDPE and pond liners fail to meet client waterproofing needs, we have developed an industry standard waterproofing solution referred to as spray on rubber. Delivery and application take only one week with minimal preparation involved and is more flexible than other usual liners.




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