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Round industrial panel tanks are the most cost effective method of storing most non-hazardous liquids from 80,000 to 10,000,000 Litres.

Panel tanks are extremely versatile, and by selecting ‘modifications’ and other options, the design life can be extended from 25 years to 50 years.

In short everything in panel tanks is variable. Wall sheet thickness’s range from 0.48mm thick for some rural farm tanks up to 20mm thick for mega litre reservoir storage. Coatings include colour-bond for farm tanks to galvanised steel for fire tanks to glass resin and epoxy coatings.

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Australian Construction Services has its own waterproofing specialists. we utilise only proven products to provide solutions to all water damage problems.

Industrial Panel Tank Cleaning, Maintenance and Repairs. Our isolation trained technicians will ensure that your system is properly serviced and that it is decommissioned and recommissioned safely.

The unique quality in panel tanks is evident when comparing their cost to concrete and welded steel tanks.

One can expect to spend from 100% to 500% more on a concrete or welded steel tank than on a panel tank.

When an oil processing plant in Western Australia required a 250,000 litre fire tank they originally preferred welded steel due to its design life.

However when the budget came back at just shy of $1,000,000.00 they explored alternatives and selected a high spec panel tank with all the upgrades for $220,000.00.

We Design & Install Industrial Panel Tanks

Most tanks over 10 Mega litres are concrete or welded steel for one reason; they need to achieve a design life of 50 to 100 years.

It’s important to note that the price of the tank increases depending on its specifications.

Like a car, and unlike all other tanks, a panel tank has the benefit of being like a mecca-no set—meaning you have options to easily bolt on, add, remove, and modify all components in them including stairs, ladders, fittings, roofs, manholes and even change the waterproofing.

What this means is that you could purchase a cost effective panel tank with a design life of 25 years, then at 20 years you could upgrade it to a 50 year design life by modifying the roof and waterproofing.

A very useful feature for mines, councils and large construction firms is the fact that a panel tank company can pull down a 10 mega litre tank within a week and then rebuild it on the other side of Australia the following week often within a couple of weeks of notice.


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Australian Construction has PCCP Accreditation and complies with ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems) and AS/NZS 4801 (OH&S Management Systems). ATM’s Building Services Authority (BSA) License Number is 1207885.

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  • Avatar Workout Wiser ★★★★★ a year ago
    Our fire water tank was cleaned and repaired plus they put a new tank liner in it all within 2 days. Best tank company on the Gold Coast.
  • Avatar Michelle Moore ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    Excellent job ATM Tanks. The new panel tank was built in record time without a hitch.
  • Avatar Monica Anderson ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    ATM Tanks were great to work with and we will definitely be using them again in the future for all our tank needs.
  • Avatar Casey James ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    By far the best tank company on the Gold Coast. They had our tank back online in no time.
  • Avatar Sara Taylor ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    Our fire water tank was just serviced by the boys at ATM Tanks... thanks for making it an easy process.

Our Latest Tank Builds

Australian Construction are specialist industrial panel tank builders. We have built many tanks right across Australia and The Pacific. Here’s a few of our latest builds

Far North QLD

A mine site in far north Queensland required 2 x 1.3 million litre industrial panel tanks.


Power Station

We recently completed building these two half a million lire industrial panel tanks for our clients on a power station in Central Queensland


Western Australian Mining Site

Our clients on a Western Australian mining site needed this industrial panel tank built in record time. We completed the tank within allocated time frames and budgets


Round Panel Tank 9.4


Australian Stainless Steel Round Panel Tank. PVC Tank Liner And Panel Tank Roof Included. 4 Weeks Delivered On Site Or To Your Nearest Depot


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  • Round Steel Panel Tank 10.10

    $ 177,588.00
  • Round Steel Panel Tank 10.2

    $ 52,860.00
  • Round Steel Panel Tank 10.3

    $ 65,358.00
  • Round Steel Panel Tank 10.4

    $ 77,862.00
  • Round Steel Panel Tank 10.5

    $ 96,585.00
  • Round Steel Panel Tank 10.6

    $ 114,549.00
  • Round Steel Panel Tank 10.7

    $ 140,064.00
  • Round Steel Panel Tank 10.8

    $ 145,776.00

Need Something More Custom? You Dream It, We’ll Build It. 


In short everything in panel tanks is variable. Wall sheet thickness’s range from 0.48mm thick for some rural farm tanks up to 20mm thick for mega litre reservoir storage.

Coatings include colour-bond for farm tanks to galvanised steel for fire tanks to glass resin and epoxy coatings.

Similarly panel tanks can be built without roofs, however if a roof is required, you have the option of purchasing a cheaper durian purling roof structure with zinc-alum sheeting and a centre column support, or a self-supported hot dipped galvanised roof structure with colour-bond ultra-sheeting and a roof liner.

Another option would be using a new membrane liner roof to avoid corrosion all together.

Rio Tinto: “ As the Projects Superintendent I was able to assess ATMs ability to comply with the strict protocol and documentation required on this rural site. Whilst refurbishing our large, severely corroded tanks I was impressed with their ability to get the job done quickly and well while following the strict environmental, safety and quality standards we required. Minor changes in scope were negotiated and taken in stride in order to complete the projects within budget in a timely, safe and effective manner. I will use them again when the need arises.”

Wesfarmers: “ ATM has completed a number of industrial tank refurbishments (including repairs, coatings and relines) on our site under my supervision. They have complied with all relevant safety, environment and quality procedures as well as the required Wesfarmers site specific procedures. ATM has been smooth and easy to work which is why we have used them on numerous occasions.”

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